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InstallationPerformance Piece

Nocturne 528 :One 

Performed June 2023

Openfield Arts

Festival Berry NSW

Soundpiece composed by

Jesse Desenberg 

Nocturne 528 : ONE is performative installation work that relate to my research on the Quantum Theories of The Universe, hypnotherapy and intuitive meditation - and how we can collectively heal and elevate our bodies, our thoughts and emotional states through the use of the 528 hz healing frequency, a positive mindset and intent, and a focus on the particles and granular energy that invisibly floats and carries information in the (a)ether around us.


Our entire universe is comprised of light and sound, frequency and vibration. The connection between music, the cosmos and nature has been known since ancient times. 528Hz has a deep connection with nature and is found in chlorophyll, oxygen, sunlight and all living organisms. It has a healing benefit as our cells resonate with this frequency – promoting love and wellbeing and a deep connection to each other. When we listen to the 528 frequency our cells resonate, repair and weave together with all that can hear it.


The number 528 is also found in the geometry of the double helix or intertwining double spiral of our DNA.

When a collective of people in a room listen to the 528 frequency they can feel an inner sense of peace, calm, clarity, compassion, one-ness, balance, healing and repair - right down to the cellular DNA structure of our bodies.


We are all interconnected through the fabric of time and space, and the molecular structure of matter and particles that weave and shape our ‘Universe’. I am investigating how we could create a space that viscerally translates that cosmological fabric and explores how we can weave the seen and unseen plasma threads, or Dark Matter, together to elevate and share a positive healing energy experience – especially after the last three years of the pandemic.

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