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the nocturne 528

series 2014 -2020


The Nocturne 528 is a new series of multimedia works that relate to my research on the Quantum Theory of The Universe, and the 21st century scientific discoveries of the Higgs Boson or God Particle.


We are all interconnected through the fabric of time and space, and the molecular structure of matter and particles that weave and shape our ‘Universe’.

I am investigating how we could visualise and pictorially translate that cosmological fabric or ‘Multiverse’ through drawings, paintings and weavings to form an intense and multilayered visual language.


Like a percussive beat The Nocturne 528 series

of works aims explore the complex patternation

of our ‘Multiverse’, and the seen and unseen threads, or Dark Matter, which stares and serenades us from the indigo night sky. 

Notturno Indigo 2014
syncopated dimenions 2014
bamumbirr 2013
white noise 2014
tracing blue light 2014
supernova 2013
string movements 2014
spatial scapes in green 2014
curvature of the continuum 2014
the quantum organic 2014
whistlers star 2013
in the indigo clouds 2014
The Infinite 2014 (side profile)
Mosaic light 2013
the aquarian mosaic  2014
the spaces in between 2014
interwoven threads n connections
higgs to the string 2014
suspended cosmic hum 2014
entangled light connections 2013
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